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Board Meeting Minutes


  • Haw Creek Community Association Meeting Minutes 


      Present:  Jim Brunner, Phil Trunnell, Renata Rikkers, Debbie Francis, Sarah Hess, Chris Pelly, Leslie Morris, Barber Melton, Pam Seale.  Approximately 65 guests also attended.

      Absent: Christina Maggi, Susan Michael

    • ·      Chris called the meeting to order at 7:05
    • o   All attendees did a quick introduction 
    • ·      Pam made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting; Barber 2nd; motion passed unanimously.

    • Treasurers Report

    • ·      Unrestricted funds for general use are $4,041.46
    • ·      We have $8,258.85 restricted for Masters Park; this is net of the initial loan of $20,000 which has been paid and $17,000 grant which has been deposited. However, we are anticipating the final costs from the contractor to be closer to $30,000. The board will discuss strategies to raise the difference. 

    • Program Reports

    • ·      Oct 4 – City Council Candidate Forum with Evergreen Community Charter School 
    • o   approx. 50 people in attendance
    • ·      Oct 8 – Community Yard Sale.  
    • o   24 vendors; sold baked goods. Estimate net profit of $285
    • ·      Oct 8 – Invasive Plant Clean-Up at Haw Creek Park with Asheville Greenworks 
    • o   Approx 30 volunteers to tackle “kudzu curtain”.
    • ·      Oct 20 – Single Use Plastics Info Program with RiverLink & Mountain True
    • o   Presentation is on our website –
    • ·      Oct 30 – Fire Safety Program at Haw Creek Fire Department

    • Update on Community Improvement Projects

    • ·      Entrance to Haw Creek/Landscaping – Laurie Miller
    • o   Workday on Sunday at 12:00 Nov 13 to clean up weeds at the entrance
    • ·      Masters Park – Bernie Arghiere
    • o   Parking lot started in June; paused in July due to city concerns about grading & need for retaining wall.  Blocks for wall were difficult to obtain, but contractor will re-start the grading & other work on November 21. 
    • o   Kiosk will pause until we manage the extra costs of the parking lot. City of Asheville said they will help pay for kiosk; HCCA will be sure to follow-up on this offer.
    • ·      Pedestrian Bridge at Beverly Rd – Anthony Dorage 
    • o   Very slow going and have hit some roadblocks 
    • o   Survey was done in June; sent it to the city and then FEMA got involved. FEMA asked for hydraulic study. Unfortunately, the area for this bridge is in a flood plain. 
    • o   Chris Day, Civil Engineer & Haw Creek resident, has been helping to redraw the design; this new design will have to pass muster with FEMA as FEMA standards are more exacting than city.
    • o   This is an important public safety issue, so we will be persistent.
    • ·      Conservation Efforts - 787 New Haw Creek 
    • o   26 acre parcel – beautiful piece of property
    • o   HCCA is in preliminary conversations about how we could maybe preserve the lower +/- 6 acres (closest to New Haw Creek Rd) is part of a floodplain. 
    • o   The estate is currently in probate, so no specific actions can be explored until a trustee has been appointed. 
    • ·      Presidents Update
    • o   Sidewalk Update – improvements must be completed by Nov 2023 per the terms of the bond. The City is negotiating easements with property owners along the route. 

    • Chris turned the meeting over to Rick Fornoff at 7:40 for his presentation about Haw Creek’s Hidden History.

    Haw Creek Community Association Meeting Minutes


    Present: Jim Brunner, Phil Trunnell, Renata Rikkers, Debbie Francis, Christina Maggi, Sarah Hess, Chris Pelly, Leslie Morris, Barber Melton, Pam Seale

    Guests: Nicole Losey – Haw Creek Resident; Clark Glenn – Haw Creek PTA President

      • Chris called the meeting to order at 7:10.
      • Leslie made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting; Debbie 2nd; motion passed unanimously.
      • Christina made motion to nominate Sarah Hess as Secretary; Barber Melton 2nd; motion passed unanimously.
Treasurers Report
      • 35,177 is total cash on hand; estimate that approximately $30,000 is restricted for Masters Park; $177 in the Association’s Paypal account.
      • $33,750 has already paid to contractor for work at Masters Park
      • Phil is still working on detailing exactly how much of the $35,177 is available for general association activities.

Highlights from Committees – Full reports available on website:

Communications & Development

  • New URL has been obtained:; remains and will route to
  • Sizeable project to get names moved over into Wild Apricot system and make new website functional to promote all our activities and memberships and donations. Nicole Losey has volunteer to migrate the database to the new platform.
  • The committee will advertise and push for members in November (at annual/public meeting) to renew or join for 

2023 Community Outreach
  • Community Conversations 7:00 at Haw Creek Commons on September 27
  • Garage Sale – Oct 8 – 6 ppl signed up as of now
  • Candidates Forum: All 6 candidates for city council will attend. Tuesday, Oct 4th at Evergreen Community Charter School
Clean & Green
  • Invasive Kudzu removal workshop with Asheville Greenworks. October 8 10:00 – 12:00 at Haw Creek Park.
  • Reducing single use plastics on Thursday, Oct 20 at Haw Creek Commons at 7:00 pm.
  • Litter clean-up group has 14 volunteers
  • Still working on developing a landscape plan to enhance the main Haw Creek entrance.

Sidewalks, Greenways & Pedestrian Safety
  • New signage is on Beverly Rd (reduced to 25 MPH) and crosswalk has been painted at Beverly & Avon and Beverly & New Haw Creek.
  • The project to build a pedestrian bridge across the creek from the gravel parking lot to Creekside Taphouse has hit a snag. The creek is regulated by FEMA and any bridge will impede floodwaters. The committee is looking at other options to allow this project to move forward.
  • Will consider taking video of the dangers of folks walking in the street

Haw Creek Park & Masters Park
  • Kudzu Removal event is Oct 8 in conjunction with Greenworks. Volunteers will focus on tackling the “curtain” of kudzu along Avon Rd.
  • Unfortunately, the greenway project is no longer viable; the Association received a letter from the City that the project will cost in excess of $150,000 and furthermore there is nobody to handle ongoing maintenance. A copy of the letter is attached to the minutes.
  • The Masters Park project is temporarily stalled while the contractor waits for the block for the retaining wall. Landscaping and kiosk/signage will be installed once the retaining wall is complete.

Other Business

Regarding the property at 767 New Haw Creek Rd. Association members have met with a few developers to assess the feasibility of retaining the lower 8 acres of property in a conservation easement while still allowing the project to be financially viable for a developer. This will be an evolving situation.

Next meeting will be November 10 and will start at 6:00 to cover Association business. At 7:00 Rick Fornoff will present the history of Haw Creek; a dessert social will follow. Location is TBD but likely the East Asheville Library; public welcome!

Barber motioned to adjourn at 8:40; second by Phil.

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