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Community Outreach Committee Meeting Notes


Community Outreach Committee Meeting

October 25, 2022


Chris Pelly, Debbie Francis, Leslie Morris (Chair), Renate Rikkers, Susan Michael

Unable to attend

Christina Maggi, Jim Brunner, Pam Seale, Rick Fornoff


Summary of recently completed events:

9/27 Community Conversations: small turnout of 3-4

10/4 Candidates forum: 50+ 

10/8 Community yard sale: Grossed $443, $330 from 22 vendors and $113 from bake sale

10/8 Invasive plant cleanup: 35 volunteers, although most not from Haw Creek as they were recruited by Greenworks

10/20 Environmental Program: 15 in attendance with good information and interaction

Upcoming events:

10/30 Fire Safety program at Haw Creek Fire Station. HCCA to take photos of families with firefighters on fire trucks. Dogs too. Goal is collect contact info for Haw Creek families.

11/10 Public board meeting at St. John's Church, 290 Old Haw Creek. Short public board meeting followed by Haw Creek History program by Rick. Need to begin publicity asap. Leslie organizing dessert social. Christina organizing membership signup table.

12/8 Community holiday party at East Asheville Library (confirmed today). We have the large room from 6pm to 9pm. Renate to talk with Jim about his family band possibly performing. Dessert social.

Potential future events: to be scheduled post-holidays

Game Day

Community Conversations

Bear Wise Presentation

Concert/Family Fun Day

Other actions:

Welcome Wagon for new residents. Leslie, Susan and Debbie to meet to strategize establishing this program using new HCCA brochure. 

Next meeting: Monday, Dec. 12, 2022

Community Outreach Committee Meeting

August 30, 2022, 7:15-8:20 pm

Chris Pelly, Christina Maggi, Debbie Francis, Susan Michael

Unable to attend
Jim Brunner, Leslie Morris (Chair), Pam Seale, Renate Rikkers, Rick Fornoff

Notes/next steps

Reviewed the following scheduled/planned events

Community Conversations 9/27 7 pm at Haw Creek Commons

  • Debbie will post on NextDoor (Haw Creek, Sondley and Bull Mountain)

Community Yard Sale 10/1 8 am - 1 pm at Groce United Methodist Church

  • Chris asked Amy to update flyer with Susan’s contact info
  • Susan will consult with Leslie as needed
  • Susan will communicate with vendors from June to secure participation
  • Susan will ask Phil to provide notification of receipts received
  • Susan will confirm reservations and share flyer so sellers can forward to their circles
  • Susan will mock up existing banner and prepare street signs for placement Sat 9/24
  • Susan will sort out coffee options
  • Susan will ask board members to donate baked goods and volunteer at event

City Council Candidates Forum 10/4 7 pm at Evergreen Community Charter School

  • Chris will meet with Evergreen staff to review/confirm event details on Fri 9/2
  • Chris will follow up with two candidates re participation, four are confirmed

Invasive Plants Workshop 10/8 10 am - 12 pm at Haw Creek Park: Greenworks educational program with kudzu/ivy removal by volunteers

  • Renate will secure program details for posting on website/social media
  • Post request for volunteers as part of event announcement

Environmental Program 10/20 7 pm at Haw Creek Commons: Reducing plastic pollution with MountainTrue and Haw Creek Adopt-A-Storm Drain with RiverLink

  • Renate will secure program details for posting on website/social media

Haw Creek Fire Station Program 10/30 2 pm TBC at Fire Station 12

  • Christina will follow up with AFD staff to confirm date and program details

HCCA Public Board Meeting 11/10 7 pm (6 pm board business portion)

  • Chris will confirm Haw Creek Commons or Library location
  • Discuss board business prior to public portion of the meeting
  • Chris will prepare/deliver HCCA updates
  • Rick will prepare/deliver presentation on Haw Creek history
  • Christina will organize membership sign-up table
  • Need volunteer to organize dessert social

BearWise Presentation by NC Wildlife Resources Commission date and location TBD

  • Rick will reach out to NCWRC about potential dates and agenda details

Community Holiday Party date and location TBD

Game night at Haw Creek Commons—Jan 2023

  • Susan will work with Sarah Hess to outline event details

Concert/family fun day at East Asheville Library or Haw Creek Park—Spring 2023

  • Musical performance, food trucks, games, face painting, etc.

Discussed other agenda items

Make connections with local groups and/or table at local events such as the tailgate market, PTA, Haw Creek Commons, etc.

  • Chris will follow up with PTA re collaboration opportunities

Identify volunteer to manage calendar of events HCCA is hosting, promoting, endorsing, or otherwise wanting to share with Haw Creek residents

  • Christina will follow up pending launch of new website
  • Christina will set up a Google calendar for HCCA board/committee access pending new Gmail account

Interviewing/sharing stories of amazing Haw Creek residents

  • Chris will include article about Charlene Noblett in newsletter if space allows
  • Chris will provide past interviews for posting to new website
  • Debbie will create a list of additional folks to interview
  • Christina will ask Renate for ideas

Oversized map of Haw Creek Valley for display at events

  • Chris has secured 11x17 laminated map
  • Chris will investigate making a larger poster board map

Next meeting Tuesday, October 25

Community Outreach Committee Meeting

July 26, 2022, 7:00-8:45 pm

Chris Pelly, Christina Maggi, Leslie Morris (Chair), Renate Rikkers, Rick Fornoff

Unable to attend
Debbie Francis, Jim Brunner, Pam Seale, Susan Michael

Notes/next steps

Reviewed June 4 yard sale, which was successful with gross income of $364.50

Discussed and agreed to move forward with the following events:

Environmental Program 9/19 or 9/20 7pm to feature reducing plastic pollution and invasive plants with MountainTrue and Haw Creek Adopt-A-Storm Drain with RiverLink
Renate will confirm speakers availability and Creekside Taphouse location

Community Conversations 9/27 7pm
Rick will confirm date with Haw Creek Commons

City Council Candidates Forum 10/4 7pm with Evergreen Community Charter School
Chris will follow up as needed

Community Yard Sale 10/1 8am-1pm
Leslie will confirm date with Groce United Methodist Church

BearWise Presentation in October by North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Rick will reach out to NCWRC about potential dates and agenda details

Haw Creek Elementary School Fall Festival a Friday in Oct/Nov 5-7:30pm
Chris will reach out to the school about HCCA and broader community participation

HCCA Public Board Meeting 11/10 7pm featuring Haw Creek history and dessert social
Chris will confirm date and location
Rick will prepare a presentation on Haw Creek’s history
Christina will prepare membership renewal material

Haw Creek Fire Station Program
Christina will follow up with station staff for CoA approval

Community Holiday Party in December
Date and details TBD

Chris will talk with Jim about the possibility of the Walker Family Band performing at a courtyard concert at the East Asheville Public Library on a Sat or Sun evening

Leslie and Chris volunteered to make connections with local groups and host a HCCA information table at events such as the tailgate market, PTA, Haw Creek Commons, etc.

Christina will ask Krista Gamble to manage HCCA calendar

Christina will schedule an interview with Charlene Noblett for Susan and Rick as the first in a series of articles featuring Haw Creek natives (request old photos)

Chris will follow up with the city to secure a large paper map of Haw Creek that can be laminated and displayed at events

Next meeting August 30, 7:00 pm

Community Outreach Committee Meeting

May 12, 2022, 6:30-8:10 pm


Chris Pelly, Christina Maggi, Jennie Brunner, Jim Brunner, Leslie Morris, Pam Seale, Renate Rikkers, Rick Fornoff, Susan Michael

Unable to attend

Debbie Francis

Notes/next steps

Chris and Christina co-chaired the meeting and Chris will work on securing a permanent chair for this committee, which will focus on activities and events

Everyone agreed that there should be a separate committee to focus on communication issues (website, social media, membership, etc.) and Chris will add this item to the agenda for the board to discuss at its next meeting

Jennie shared that her family is involved in several upcoming musical events, which HCCA will promote on its website

  • 5/22 at St. John’s Episcopal Church: Student violin recital
  • 6/4 at Black Mountain Center for the Arts: The Walker Family Band
  • 6/18 at St. John’s Episcopal Church: Fundraiser to benefit Save the Manatee Club

Everyone agreed to supporting a community yard sale on a Saturday morning in June

  • Leslie will check available dates at Groce United Methodist Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church and the ball field
  • Jennie will organize a musical performance
  • Renate will try to secure food and/or ice cream truck participation
  • Chris and Christina will organize publicity/outreach efforts including signage
  • Christina will organize a HCCA membership table

Chris will organize a City Council candidates forum, which will be co-sponsored with Evergreen Community Charter School and held in early October

Renate will try to find out how events in neighboring communities, specifically Black Mountain and Swannanoa, are organized and financed

Jennie and Jim will explore holding a “game night” event with music at Haw Creek Commons

Leslie and Rick will explore holding a “get to know your neighbor” event where people are invited to get together to have one-on-one conversations

Chris will explore holding a “courtyard concert” event with a food truck at the East Asheville Library where there is ample parking

Susan will take the lead in interviewing Haw Creek natives with interesting histories with the goal of sharing their stories on the website and/or in the newsletter

Christina will email members and schedule the next committee meeting

Agenda items for the next committee meeting

  • Hold a family-oriented event featuring local musicians, food trucks, games, face painting, etc. in Haw Creek Park during the summer or early fall (additional parking at Creekside Taphouse and the East Asheville Library)
  • Participation in National Night Out, an annual community-building campaign to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, and neighborhood camaraderie, held annually on the first Tuesday in August
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